Mindfulness Practice by Video Every Day at Noon

In response to COVID-19, regular mindfulness practice on campus will move to videoconferencing. Starting Tuesday, March 17 at noon, staff of UAMS Mindfulness team will hold daily mindfulness practice sessions via video. Beginners are welcome.

To connect, log into this Zoom link any weekday at 12 PM.

Why Practice Mindfulness?

School is very stressful; and you are acutely aware of this.  It is important that you manage stress in a healthy, adaptive manner, and have balance in your life.  While there are many ways to manage stress, the practice of Mindfulness is a secular, evidence based, increasingly widespread wellness modality to achieve this.  Mindfulness based programs can be found in most academic centers, universities, corporations, and in almost all walks of life, including Congress.  The practice of Mindfulness helps us in “being” and living in the “present” or the “now”.  As a future healthcare professional, the practice of Mindfulness can be very helpful to you personally; and just as importantly, it can be helpful to your patients, based on scientific studies showing its beneficial effects on a variety of medical and mental disorders.

Visit the UAMS Mindfulness website!