Informal Consultation

To provide additional support in these difficult and uncertain times, the SWP is offering a new service called informal consultation.

If you are having difficulty dealing with the stress and uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to simply talk (i.e., you don’t feel the need to register as a regular client of the SWP) with one of our SWP providers, please call the SWP number 686-8408 or email and specifically ask for an informal consultation.

You will be scheduled for an appointment of 30 minutes with one of our providers.

Informal consultation means:

  • You will NOT be formally registered as a client seeking treatment with the SWP.
  • We will not establish a medical record.
  • The consultation is confidential, with exceptions for safety and suspected child abuse.

If after the consultation(s), our provider feels that you need more help and treatment, they will invite you to register for care with the SWP for follow-up as a regular client.

Informal consultation is based on the Let’s Talk model developed at Cornell University, which has now been replicated nearly 100 colleges and universities around the country.