Clinical Services

The SWP provides free and confidential counseling/therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management services in a safe and nurturing environment to actively enrolled UAMS students and their spouses.

Students seek help for depression, anxiety, grief, relationship conflicts, academic difficulties, test anxiety, and many other issues interfering with their life.

Call 501-686-8408 to schedule an appointment.


Outreach Services

The SWP offers outreach and prevention activities on campus to increase awareness of our services and promote wellness among UAMS students.

These activities include regular lectures and workshops on wellness topics across campus.  Examples include mindfulness, relationship enrichment, stigma, stress management, and finding school-life balance.

To schedule an outreach presentation, call us at 508-686-8408.


Informal Consultation *New*

If you are having difficulty dealing with the stress and uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to simply talk (i.e., you don’t feel the need to register as a regular client of the SWP) with one of our SWP providers, please call the 508-686-8408 or email and specifically ask for an informal consultation. Click here to learn more.


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM