The mission of the UAMS Student Wellness Program (SWP) is to promote wellness in our students by providing the tools and support to help them maintain balance in their lives and achieve their full professional and personal potential.  The SWP provides two kinds of services to address this goal: Clinical Services and Outreach Services.


For UAMS Northwest Students

For those students on the UAMS Northwest campus, the UAMS Northwest Wellness Program provides free counseling and therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management services in a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment to actively enrolled UAMS residents, students, and their partners. To find out more, go to the UAMS Northwest Campus Wellness Program website. To schedule a confidential appointment, call (479) 713-8313 or email NWWellnessProgram@uams.edu.


Mindfulness Practice by Video Every Weekday at 12:00 PM

In response to COVID-19, regular mindfulness practice on campus will move to videoconferencing. Staff of the UAMS Mindfulness team hold daily mindfulness practice sessions via video. Beginners are welcome.  To join, register for the Zoom link.


Informal Consultation

To provide additional support in these difficult and uncertain times, the SWP is offering a new service called informal consultation.

If you are having difficulty dealing with the stress and uncertainty related to the Covid-19 pandemic and want to simply talk (i.e., you don’t feel the need to register as a regular client of the SWP) with one of our SWP providers, please call the SWP number 686-8408 or email studentwellness@uams.edu and specifically ask for an informal consultation. Find out more.